Raised Bed Mix

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Delivery time: Priced per cubic yard (firewood per Face Cord), this item is available for a home delivery Mon- Sat. Please let us know what day you would prefer, and we will confirm via email, or offer an alternate date.

This is a soil-free planting mix for raised beds and containers.  Made of pine fines, Peat moss, Compost and other ingredients.   This was used once to grow flowers, the spent growing media is no longer suitable for sensitive commercial plantings, but and great and affordable choice for home gardeners.  Current mix is 3 parts pine media and 1 part our compost, blended here upon order.

This is an unscreened product, some clumps or debris will probably be present, but should be fairly easy to deal with.

Substantially lighter than topsoil, drainage is improved as well as moisture and nutrient retention.   

This product got great reviews from gardeners last year!   Let us know how it works for you!

8 yards maximum per truckload, same delivery rates as topsoil & stone


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