Pulverized Topsoil

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We buy Pulverized Topsoil from one of the area’s biggest supplier. They make the product by processing huge piles of soil at new subdivisions or large construction sites all across the Western Chicago suburbs. As a result of their ever-changing location the product can change from load to load. We keep our topsoil out of the rain in a specially-built covered bin – and try like crazy to keep it full before a rainy period. Spring rains and heavy demand for soil usually result in topsoil that can clump together when compressed. August droughts bring powdery soils. Clay, while rich in nutrients, may be harder to work with.

The tricky part of the topsoil business is that everyone wants powder-dry black dirt. The dry part is a result of the moisture content of the huge pile – and the soil type was determined by the exact spot in the field from which that the dirt was scraped. These conditions change daily, and the dirt in the bin may be from a few days or even weeks earlier.

All of this is to let you know that topsoil may change from load to load. We try hard to keep the quality high and chances are you will be happy with your load on any given day, but if it is important to you let us know what you need. It is not uncommon for customers to stop out and look before they buy. This is a great idea, especially if you will be planting grass seed and need a hassle-free product.

Our Soil Mix is simply a blend of our own compost and topsoil. Ideal for mixing into gardens.

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