About us

Bean's Farm was established in 1854 by J.W. Bean in what would later be named Hampshire, Illinois.  His son George farmed the land with him, and later George's 3 sons would take over,  expanding the farm and adapting new practices.  One of those sons would be my Grandfather Earl Bean.  His son George Bean ran the farm till his retirement.   While I had a job elsewhere, my mind was always here with the barns and the woods and the farm that my Grandfather's Grandfather started.  

Firewood had always been a part of our lives so jumping into the firewood business was not hard, although mulch is far more popular and has been paying the bills for the past 20 plus years.   We have saved the 1899 Dairy Barn, rebuilt the original Granary and kept the old house from ruin (work in progress!).

Adding a small orchard to the property has connected our efforts to my ancestors, and I respect them all the more for their diverse crops and gathering the knowledge needed to grow a dozen different things and make a living.  Before google!

For the present, we offer a wide variety of Mulch, Gravel, Topsoil, & Compost as well as other landscape supplies.  Firewood for Camping, heating or BBQ is available.  Stop in and see our selection of Weber grills.

We deliver bulk items to homes and businesses from Campton Hills to Crystal Lake, DeKalb to Garden Prairie.  Call us or check elsewhere on this website for details.

Thanks - Tim Bean