We have been selling firewood for over 20 years now, and have learned something new each season.  One thing that sets us apart from the rest is the fact that we stack our wood in racks to finish the drying process.  This also gives us better inventory control - no guessing involved by counting pieces or scooping up an estimated face cord, along with whatever bark and debris may be underneath.

When we get an order for delivery we hand load the exact amount into our truck.  Then we go right to your house without mixing your wood with another order. 

Delivery is available for full face cords, delivery charge starts at just $20 for Hampshire and goes up if we travel a little farther.  If you want to save the delivery cost you are welcome to pick up here, you may pay online or in person - either way you can make your order here.

If you choose delivery, we will confirm via email and select a date that works best for both of us.

Delivery Rates