Sauces & Rubs

I spent a short amount of time as part of a KCBS pro BBQ team.  Many of the great people involved in competition BBQ have a commercial sauce or rub to offer, and its been a great pleasure to sample these awesome flavors and to share them with friends.  Here are a few for you to look over - I'll add more as they come up. 

These people inspired me to develop my own Grilling Dust, which is a low-sodium slightly spicy rub for pork or chicken, just ideal for grilled baby back ribs.  See the product for my favorite recipe.

Finally, everything Uncle Dougie makes is fantastic!  I wish I had room to stock his whole line, but I will stick with a few favorites I know you will enjoy.

To make it easier to share these local products - I'll kick in $10 toward shipping on orders over $35  use code SaveOnFlavor at checkout.  Enjoy!