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We make compost from horse manure and the bedding that the horse used, usually wood shavings with some straw.   In time the manure breaks down the shavings and the result is similar to Mushroom Compost.   The difference (besides price) is that the mushroom farm has better machinery to do the turning and make near-perfect compost, well steamed and weed free.  They then grow a batch of mushrooms on it and sell the spent growing medium.

We do a pretty good job cooking this down - the volume reduces by well over half and the pile gets hot.  We rotate it often and have had great results.  This is great organic matter to break up heavy clay soils, and some use it as a mulch.

When adding as a soil amendment, shoot for about 15-20% organic content like compost, peat moss, leaves and grass clippings.

As a mulch, try this in a small area first to see if it is a good match for the way you landscape!  Its not for everyone and sometimes a weed seed gets through the composting process.  

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