Jonathan Green


Who We Are:

If you want a great looking carefree lawn, we can help you to achieve success! Our family has been growing great looking lawns for six generations! We are a major supplier of grass seedorganics, and lawn care products to both the independent retailer and professional lawn care markets.

In our own breeding program, we have developed superior turf grasses, such as those found in our Black Beauty grass seed mixtures.

We are also a leader in organics and have developed an environmentally sound approach to lawn care that we call the New American Lawn Plan.

The New American Lawn Plan combines genetically superior Black Beauty grass seed mixtures with soil amendments, such as Mag-I-Cal Plus, to adjust soil pH levels and relieve soil compaction. It also includes a family of organic and traditional lawn fertilizers and weed control products.

By following this balanced lawn care program you will be addressing the root of your lawns problems, instead of battling the symptoms such as weeds, insects, and turf disease. Our goal is to stimulate and nourish your soil, creating a more biologically healthy foundation that will naturally resist most lawn problems, and allow your Black Beauty lawn to thrive.



“Once you have seen a Black Beauty lawn, you will never forget it.”