Veteran's Q Sweet Heat BBQ Sauce

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Veterans Q Sweet Heat Barbecue Sauce was awarded 1st place at the National Barbecue Association - 2018 Awards of Excellence – Tomato Spicy 

Veterans Q Sweet Heat Barbecue Sauce is similar to the Original Barbecue Sauce and it is a naturally sweet tomato based sauce that has a kick at the end.  The kick isn’t so powering that it overtakes the flavor of the sauce or food.  It is a perfect balance of heat and taste.  This sauce is great for grilling, smoking, dipping, or use as a condiment.  It is perfect for beef, pork, poultry, vegetables, eggs, and even tofu.  Veterans Q Sweet Heat Barbecue Sauce is also thinning than most commercial barbecue sauces which makes it great for a perfect glaze and salad dressing. 

All Natural and Gluten Free

Ingredients: Ketchup(tomato concentrate, sugar, vinegar, salt, onion powder, spice, natural flavors), Brown Sugar, Pineapple Juice, Water, Molasses, Mustard Flour, Worcestershire Sauce (vinegar, molasses, sugar, water, salt, onions, anchovies, garlic, cloves, tamarind extract, natural flavoring, chili pepper extract), Salt, Smoked Paprika, Spices, Black Pepper, Granulated Garlic. CONTAINS FISH (anchovy).

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