Veteran's Q

Veterans Q was founded February 13, 2017 and became incorporated as Veterans Barbecue, Inc on October 11, 2017.  Veterans Barbecue is a veteran owned company and is made up of military veterans, family members, and patriots.  What makes Veterans Barbecue unique is that they donate 100% of their profits to local and national military veteran organizations and groups. 

The Beginning:

Veterans Barbecue started as a competition barbecue team in September 2015 and this is where the name “Veterans Q” originated as it is the name of their barbecue team.  In 2016, Veterans Q started to do some catering for family, friends, and neighbors.  Through these catering events, people asked if they could buy the barbecue sauce.  So, we started to make, bottle, and sell our barbecue out of our kitchen.  It started to get to be too much and time consuming, therefore, we reached out to a manufacture to bottle our sauce for us.  We initial thought that it would take 2-3 years before we sold out of our 1st barbecue sauce order which was about 750 bottles of sauce.  Little did we know, we would sell out of our barbecue sauce in a few months.  Because our barbecue sauce was becoming popular, it went from being a hobby to a legit business. 

Why We Donate 100% of Our Profits:

You heard that right, we donate 100% of our profits to credible veteran organizations.  Donating 100% of profits was not something that was planned, neither was this company for that matter.  When we won our 1st rib competition, we received $100 as part of our award.  Since we loved to barbecue and we love veterans, we decided to donate our winnings to a credible veteran organization.  When we started to do catering later that year, we also decided to donate our profits (after our costs), to veteran organizations that we felt our money would actually physically go to veterans directly and not line the pocketbooks of staff members.  When we started to sell our barbecue sauce to the public, we decided to continue our tradition of donating our profits.  We figured that we would donate a few hundred dollars a year since this barbecue sauce thing was just a hobby and something fun for us to do on the weekend.  Well, we were wrong and this barbecue sauce “hobby” was a legit business. 

You can now find our barbecue sauce in multiple states and in over 200 stores.