SEK Surebond SureStrip, Gallon

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Fast Acting Sealer Stripper

  • Removes a Variety of Sealers & Coatings
  • Spot Cleaner for Removing Paint Spots
  • Fast Acting – Works in Minutes
  • Ready to Use Formula

Surestrip is a technologically advanced stripper designed for removal of acrylics, acrylic latex, polyurethane, and other resin coatings and sealers. SureStrip can also be used as a spot cleaner to remove paint spots.  SureStrip’s unique Clean Rinse Technology allows residue to be quickly and easily rinsed away with a high or low pressure washer.

Suitable Surfaces

Ideal for concrete and clay pavers, concrete flat work and retaining walls. Can also be used on manufactured and natural stone, concrete block, wet cast products. Works on both horizontal and vertical applications.  Not for use on asphalt.

SureStrip is compatible with all Surebond Sealers. A test area is always recommended to determine product suitability and compatibility with your specific surface before use and also if desired results are achievable.


All Surfaces 125 – 250 11.6 – 23.2


Coverage rates will vary from 125 – 250 sf per gallon  depending on  the surface porosity, texture, age and amount of sealer, application method and other local conditions. Coverage based on single treatment. Some applications may require additional treatments.

Surface & Air Temperatures

Excessively high or low temperatures will produce poor results. Best cleaning results are obtained when air and surface temperatures are 40° F or above. Do not clean when temperatures are below freezing or will be overnight. If freezing conditions exist, allow adequate time for surface to thaw. If air temperatures exceed 90° F, flash cool the surface with water before applying product.


Sweep and remove all loose soil and debris from the surface. Protect adjacent and surrounding surfaces not intended from stripper, old sealer and rinse water. Cover foliage with polyethylene or other proven protective material. Prior to stripping, test stripper on a small, inconspicuous area to determine the suitability of this product for a specific sealer and surface. Testing should confirm effectiveness of stripper and desired surface dwell time on each type of surface and sealer designated to be removed. Allow test areas to dry thoroughly before evaluating final appearance and results. May need to manage rinse water containing old sealer and stripper by reclamation to prevent run-off into storm sewer.  Small scale projects can be damned and residue removed with a shop vac.  Large projects or volume of residue can be removed with a reclamation unit.


SureStrip is a concentrated sealer stripper that is ready for use. No dilution is necessary.


Apply SureStrip using a low-pressure sprayer such as a garden sprayer or it can be brushed, wiped, or rolled onto the surface. Depending on the sealer or coating, more than one application may be needed. If surface is sloped, apply SureStrip from the bottom of the slope working up using a side-to-side motion. Allow SureStrip to dwell for at least five to ten minutes before doing a scratch test. Scratch at the sealer or coating with a sharp object to see if the substrate is visible. If the substrate is visible where tested then it is ready to be rinsed. Improve results by scrubbing surface with a brush to agitate and loosen sealer. If the substrate is not visible or if the coating is gummy but not released, re-apply and let dwell for an additional ten minutes before re-testing. Rinse surface thoroughly with a cold water pressure washer with a wide tip no less than 25 to 40 degrees or a garden hose with nozzle. Only use as much pressure as needed to thoroughly clean as excessive high pressures can damage substrates. It may be necessary to do a secondary cleaning to remove old, heavier sealers. Do not allow SureStrip to dry on the surface during dwell time.  Always rinse-off thoroughly wet.  It may be necessary to lightly re-apply SureStrip to keep the surface wet with product.

Product Usage Video


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