Southern Bark Mulch

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Classic good looking mulch, our Southern Bark is a by-product of paper mills.  They barge it up the river, grind it, and truck it to us.   For a pretty simple process, there are about a hundred different versions of this product available to you today.  The freshness of the product, the grinding technique, the bark/wood ratio (some wood comes off the log with the bark – how much depends on the mill and the machine they use) all play an important part in the finished product.  To make things more confusing, everyone who sells anything like this calls it Premium.

Our Southern Bark strikes a good balance of bark-wood, and is pretty consistent throughout the season, although there may be slight differences from load to load, we manage that with a tricky two-bin system.  Let us know if you think you will be re-ordering.  It is a natural product with no dyes or chemicals added.  Because the bark fades more slowly than wood, it will keep its color a little longer than our Bean’s Blend.  With any mulch, color can be freshened by scratching the surface with a rake.  This also breaks the crust that can shed water, keeping moisture where your plants can use it.

If you want a finer texture with less wood, consider our Bark Fines Mulch.  If you want to save a few bucks, take a look at our Bean’s Blend Mulch.


Mulch is our main product.  We offer several kinds, both bulk and bagged.  Although our lineup does change slightly from season to season, here are our main varieties, listed by popularity:  (keep in mind that everything eventually fades in the sun, and that wood fades faster than bark)

  1. Bean's Blend.  A hardwood mulch, made from the whole log.  Ours is double or triple processed and pretty fine.  We get it dark by aging in a huge pile.
  2. Southern Bark.  A bark mulch, made from mostly bark, a by-product of southern paper mills.  A premium product.
  3. Bark Fines.  A bark mulch that has been further screened to remove more wood and larger pieces.  Typically darker, heavier.
  4. Playground Mulch.  Super clean wood chips that don't mat down.  Quarter - dime sized chips.  Lighter in color and weight.
  5. Red Dyed Mulch.  Now using only logs, no recycled material for a clean product, white wood with few fines takes the food-safe dye well.
  6. Wood Chips.  Rough material for rustic applications, may contain sticks and leaves.  Priced right.
  7. Compost.  While usually a soil amendment, some have good results using as a landscape mulch.
  8. Washed Stone.  Either our SA-8 or our SA-6 can be used as stone mulch that will not decompose.

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