Hi-Yield Spreader Sticker 16oz.

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Hi-Yield® Spreader Sticker

- 16oz - Liquid Concentrate

Hi-Yield® Spreader Sticker is a water soluble spray additive designed to enhance the effectiveness of pesticides and herbicides. Acting as an adjuvant, it improves the coverage, absorption, and adhesion of spray solutions to plant surfaces. This low-foaming product contains no oil, making it versatile for various applications. When mixed with insecticides, miticides, fungicides, liquid fertilizers, and herbicides, it reduces surface tension, allowing the chemicals to spread more evenly and stick better to the target plants. This maximizes their efficiency and ensures superior pest and weed control in gardens, lawns, and agricultural settings. With an easy mix of 2 to 4 tablespoons per gallon of water, Hi-Yield® Spreader Sticker is a trusted choice for both homeowners and professionals, providing reliable performance in enhancing the results of spray applications.
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