Sand, #2 torpedo

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Slightly course, this locally quarried sand keeps its form when troweled or screeded. making it a great surface for pavers.  Some pool professionals use this, while some prefer the finer mason sand which we do not stock.  The argument goes something like this, the tiny sharp grains of sand may wear thru your liner.  This has not happened in my experience but I'm not a pool guy and wont replace your liner!  It should be suitable for most inexpensive backyard temporary pools.

This is the choice for paver bedding.  Use 2 parallel lengths of 3/4" conduit on top of your leveled and smoothed gravel base.  Add a few shovels of sand between the conduit and use a super straight 2x4 resting on the conduit to screed the sand back and forth.

Great for sandboxes, or a soil amendment

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