Dimex Edge Pro Paver Restraint

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Dimex, the Ohio based manufacturer, has a comprehensive range of products though their primary product is edging. This even includes Commercial-Grade Dock and Boat Edging Systems.

In this edition of FocusOn Landscapers, we are looking at their EdgePro® Product Line for the Landscape and Hardscape markets.

Their EdgePro® Paver Restraint products are engineered to provide heavy-duty support for paver walkways, patios, and even driveways.

Manufactured from durable vinyl material, EdgePro® will save time and money over the following edge restraint options:
  • Concrete - time consuming, messy, cracks over time
  • Wood Products - don't curve easily, rot over time
  • Metal Products - difficult to work with, rust over time

The advantages of the L-Shaped Profile
  • Allows anchoring base to be underneath or outside the edge of the pavers. (See diagrams at right)
  • Eliminates turf "brownout" by enabling maximum backfill against pavers.
  • Pieces easily nest together for compact packaging and storage.

EdgePro Paver Edging is made from a durable rigid PVC compound, which provides an extra rugged design to withstand the heaviest traffic. For garden walkways or yard patios, EdgePro can be installed on the outside edge of the paver or under the soil. Flexible sections work with both straight and curved designs without cutting or snipping. Rigid sections are for straight runs only. Will not crack, rot or deteriorate, L-shaped design elminates turf “brownout” by allowing maximum backfill against the pavers.  Available each or in bundles of 12.

Flex edging lengths measure 2" H x 4" W x 90"L

Rigid edging lengths measure 2" H x 3" W x 90"L

Requires 10" spikes to install.  How many you use per installation depends on the installation itself.  There are 30 holes in each edging strip to accommodate stakes or nails.

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