BBQ Superstore Disposable Prep/Cutting Boards Small 25/Pack

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Don't worry about finding a clean environment for preparing your food anymore because what we have for you is an FDA approved prep board that makes it easy peezy!

You simply put the board down, prepare your food, and toss it away. No Mess!!

These prep boards measure 16.25" X 11.25" and will perfectly fit into a small sheet pan.

These boards are made for prepping and cutting meat but are NOT a chopping block so don't think you can chop up a pork butt with a cleaver without the possibility of going through. If I am going to be prepping a piece of meat that has a lot of juice or chopping up a pork butt I put the board in a small sheet pan to protect my knife, keep the juices contained, and not take the chance to damage my counter.

Owners Rich and Mark along with several of our sponsored teams have been using these prep / cutting boards and every contest and every backyard event with great success!

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