Midwest Trading Premium Hardwood Bark Fines, 2cf bag

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Premium Hardwood Bark Fines

A fine textured mulch that retains moisture, moderates soil temperature, reduces weed growth and prevents frost heaving. Hardwood Bark Fines Mulch is our highest quality mulch that presents a softer look and adds beauty to the landscape all season long. Lightweight and easy to handle.


Ingredients: Our Premium Hardwood Bark Mulch triple processed to 3/8" minus to create an appealing fine textured mulch


Ideal Uses: Annuals & Vegetables, Perennials, Shrubs, Trees, Dry Site, Fine Texture

Our Bark Fines, sometimes called "Triple" is actually the result of sifting our Southern Bark, removing even more of the wood and bigger pieces.  Looks great in a smaller area.  These Bags are our most popular item in nearby Del Webb.

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