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Bulk Mulch

We specialize in supplying bulk mulch to Homeowners.  Feel free to call us with questions, we’ll be happy to explain the different types available, or click here for a comparison chart.

Beans Blend, a double processed hardwood mulch, is our specialty.  We make it here on the farm from logs and wood chips.  We grind the pile in a two-step process that eliminates . wood spears.  Aging the big pile adds a nice dark color to the finished product.

Other suppliers would call this a Premium Mulch, and we will agree it is nice, but traditionally “premium” is reserved for a mulch made out of mostly bark, like our Southern, or Bark Fines.   So if you are comparing, stop by and get a free sample.  Take a look at how we make it, see how we load it, and discuss delivery options.

Bark mulch begins as a paper mill by-product, it is barged up the Mississippi, then further processed and trucked to us.  There is a wide range of quality and bark content available, our Southern Bark has a higher than average bark content,  and our Bark Fines is processed even further, resulting in a darker, finer product.

  Also, see the Topsoil Page to see our Compost, makes nice organic mulch!

Item description price/Yard Delivered*
39-10000bb Bean's Blend Hardwood Mulch $25.00 $28.95
  Bean's Blend 10 Yd Volume Order $24.90 $249.00
  Bean's Blend 20 Yd Volume Order $22.95 $459.00
35-11730sb Premium Bark Mulch, Southern $40.00 $44.99
35-11740hf Triple Processed Hardwood Bark $45.00 $47.99
36-40001dr Dyed Red Mulch $35.00 $39.99
32-NBPB1pg Playground Mulch $30.00 $39.99
39-20000wc Mixed Wood Chips $15.00 $18.95


*this price is based on a minimum 5 yard load, to Hampshire.  We deliver all over the Fox Valley area, adding a nominal ($20/load to Campton Hills, for example) delivery charge to cover fuel and time spent.

Beans Blend Year old Beans Blend Southern Bark  Bark Fines


   Dyed Red  Playmat

Wood Chips



                                  We have several delivery trucks, let us know if your driveway has any restriction such as overhead branches or wires, or a narrow gateway.    See our Delivery FAQs page for more info, or call us!


Many customers come out and pick up their mulch here, its quick and easy, you save the delivery charge, and most find it easier to handle the load from a tailgate rather than from the driveway.  Here is a map, as well as a few Pick-up FAQs

How much do I need?

A rule of thumb is one yard to cover 100 square feet 3”, so the 2nd best way to guess how much you need is to walk around the yard with a notepad and measure the individual beds, squaring them off into approximate rectangles, then adding up the total square feet, if you come up with 1200, get 12 yards. (if you want 3” depth). 

The best way is to learn from experience, call us to see what you used last time, and make adjustments as needed.  Keep in mind that it’s ok to be a little under or over 3”, so take advantage of volume discounts if possible, or maybe even plan your mulching schedule to meet minumum delivery load sizes.

Here are a couple of mulching strategies that we have seen customers use:

Every Year             Best way to keep consistent mulch coverage and prevent weeds from getting a foothold, predictable workload and expense.

Skip a Year             Common, basically the same volume required,  but to get constant coverage a thicker layer is needed to begin with.  Some bald spots likely on slopes, high wind, or high traffic areas.

Twice a year          Break it up into front and back, gives a chance to add fresh color to opposite area.  Also permits use of two products.

3 Year Cycle          Probably quite a few bare spots, and limited or no weed control at the end.  Popular strategy for busy parents with kids in sports!

Pick-up                   Stop by our farm on Saturday morning, get a load.  Drive right to the back yard and fork the mulch right onto the garden area.  You do have to have a truck for this, but it’s a great option for those who need only 2 yards, or want to skip the wheelbarrow step.

Maybe you have some mulch already down, then adjust accordingly.  Whatever number you decide to order, distribute the wheelbarrow loads evenly across the whole project before final spreading to ensure even and complete coverage.


Bagged Mulch & Soil

These bagged products closely match their bulk counterparts.  We do not offer delivery on Bagged goods.

At our farm, you can back up right to the bags and load right into your vehicle – no cart or long aisles!  Call for availability or if you will need assistance.

Bean's Blend  2cu ft  bag   $4.99
Southern Bark  2cu ft  bag   $4.99
Bark Fines   2cu ft bag   $4.99
Growers Mix   1cu ft   $6.75
Mushroom Compost  1.5cu ft   $4.49
Clay Buster 1.5cu ft   $5.99


Common Conversions:

1 cubic yard = 27 cubic feet = 14.5 bags

1 yard covers 100 square ft, 3” thick

Most pickup trucks = 2 yard capacity, some can carry 3 yards

Wheelbarrows vary from 4-12 cubic ft


Mulch CalculatorComparison ChartMulch FAQs Sample Mulch Project

Delivery FAQs Pick-Up FAQsHours  -  On Line Delivery Request


Prices shown are for cash or check payment. Credit & Debit card transactions subject to 3% pre-tax fee.
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